Bass Pro Shop at the Pyramid

People traveling through Memphis might have notices and wondered why is there a giant Bass Pro Shop shaped like a pyramid next to the river.  The pyramid used to be a basketball arena and was abandoned until it was turned into a Bass Pro Shop.

American Egypt

I really don’t know the reason for this, but Memphis, TN has a weird obsession with Egypt.  Besides being named after the ancient capital, the most obvious sign is the giant pyramid next to the Mississippi River. If you travel around the city, you’ll notice some clues and hints that points to this theme.

For example, if you visit the Germantown Library, you might notice a few Egyptian decorations on the shelves and walls.  Behind the checkout counter is a teddy bear covered in mummy wrappings.  The University of Memphis has a museum exhibit for Egyptian art and artifacts.  There’s a giant painting of Isis in the lobby.  Rumor has it that there’s a cult here called the Cru of Hathor.  No one knows what they do.

More Than a Mall


Why would anybody need such a gigantic building just for a Bass Pro Shop?  Well, why not?

Calling this place a “shop” would be an under statement.  You can buy everything here from fishing poles to fishing boats.  This place is half shopping mall, half theme park resort.  The hotel lobby is just pass the main entrance, and the rooms go up the side of the pyramid.

On the ground floor is a bar and grill called the Fish Bowl.  It’s located behind an artificial indoor pond with live bass in it.  On the inside you can eat next to the aquarium or play cosmic bowling.  On the second floor is a duck Museum.  Other stuff you can find inside are an aquarium, shooting/archery range, and a showroom with boats and ATVs.

At the top of the pyramid, there is a fine dining (expensive) restaurant called the Lookout.  ($48 for a 16oz ribeye.)  If you don’t want to eat, you can just buy a ticket to take the elevator up to the observation deck for $10.

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