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It was going to be a long flight. 14 hours total. 6 hours from Honolulu to Los Angeles, and 6 hours from Los Angeles to Atlanta. I was flying west to east so both flights were red eye even though it was daytime. I was flying American Airlines so that meant no inflight meals the entire time on either flight, not even peanuts. The layover was going to be at midnight so all the restaurants were probably going to be close. I knew I was going to be hungry. I was just sitting down the entire time so I wasn’t really worried about calories. I was more concerned about the discomfort of having an empty stomach.

I finally decided to order some food. They did have several options for the inflight meal that you could purchase if you had the money. Credit card only. No cash accepted. I was considering getting the pastrami sandwich and chips, but then I noticed that the two menus were different. There was the electronic menu that you can access through the monitor on the back of the headrest, and there was also a paper menu located in the seat back pocket. Somehow, they were different.

I finally decided to get the cheese plate for eight dollar something. Let’s say $10. It was basically cheese and crackers with some grapes and nuts. So lunchables for adults essentially. It did come with a square of ghirardelli chocolate, which was nice. No ham though.

And in case you are wondering, no it did’t look anything like the picture. Everything was individually wrapped in plastic. I took everything out of the wrapping and arranged it so that looked nice. I enjoyed my snack with some pink lemonade. Yeah, they just randomly had pink lemonade for some reason. I think it was some kind of breast cancer awareness thing.

red eye flight

Did you know?

There are no microwaves on an airplane. Food is usually heated on the ground at the airport before takeoff, but when meals are heated during the flight, it is done using a convection oven. Contrary to popular belief there are no microwaves on an airplane. Microwaves interfere with the onboard electronics of the airplane. The myth is that microwaves are safer than conventional ovens because they are less of a fire hazard, but the truth is that they can damage other systems on the airplane.

All airplane food are over salted. Human perception of saltiness changes with the low air pressure and dry humidity. I always seem to enjoy eating salted pretzel and coke while on an airplane even though I don’t like pretzels normally while the ground. Try this experiment the next time you fly a plane. Get a bag of potato chips. Eat some of it while waiting at the terminal and notice how they taste, then eat the rest while on the airplane and see if you can notice a difference.


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