fish and chips

Seafood by the Sea

mai taiMy left arm was starting to heat up. Maybe getting an ocean side table wasn’t the best idea. I had just finished surfing that morning and had already taking a shower. I did not have time to reapply sunblock before heading out to lunch. I was enjoying the view of the ocean and my $4 mai tai. It was rum mixed with some other stuff. It had a chunks of pineapple and an umbrella in it. I sipped on that while waiting for my fish and chips to come out. The food may have been cooking in the kitchen, but I was starting to cook in the midday Sun.

Anyways, I ordered the fish and chips. I was going to order sushi but they said they were out. It was going to feel good to put some calories back in my body after all that surfing. I could feel my arms starting to get sore already. My mom ordered the fish taco with no cheese, but they put chipotle sauce in it. Chipotle sauce is made with mayonnaise. Mayonnaise doesn’t have any milk in it, but still, my mom can’t use mayonnaise either.


Did you know?

Did you know that in the UK french fries are called chips, and potato chips are called crisps? Also underwear are called pants, and pants or called trousers.


This sweet looking car was parked in the front.

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