Fitbit Charge HR Review

I got a new watch recently.  It’s a Fitbit Charge HR.  It is a wrist heart rate monitor and fitness tracker.  As far as look and feel goes, I’m liking the fashion.  When the screen is turned off, the watch looks like a black bracelet.

Previously, I’ve been using a heart rate monitor to track my workouts, daily activities, and calories burned.  Up until now, I’ve been using a Polar FT60 heart rate monitor, which uses a chest strap.  The chest strap works by measuring the EKG signal from the heart.  It’s been good, but I’ve also had a lot of problems and issues with it.  Besides the fact that the chest strap is uncomfortable, which I really don’t mind, sometimes it just doesn’t work.  It has to be tight and wet in order to work, and it’s constantly running out of battery.  On top of that, you can’t wear it all day.

fitbit charge hr optical heart rate monitor

The Fitbit Charge HR, on the other hand, does not have a chest strap and you can wear it all day, 24/7.  Instead, it uses LEDs and an optical sensor to measure the blood flow through the blood vessels under your skin in order to measure your heart rate.  It is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The Fitbit Charge HR is rechargeable and comes with a charging cable, so I don’t have to worry about buying special batteries.

The free app is also great.  It is available on iOS, Android, and Windows 10.  It automatically syncs with the Fitbit Charge HR and displays all of your statistics.  The charts and graphs are very colorful.  I especially like the sleep tracker.

Stuff the FitBit Charge HR will measure and display:

  • time
  • steps taken / pedometer
  • heart rate / heart rate zone
  • distance travel
  • calories burned
  • flights of stairs taken

Stuffed Fitbit Charge HR will measure but is displayed only on the app:

  • sleep cycle
  • hourly / daily activity

Stuff the app will track and display but you have to enter the data manually or use a separate device:

  • weight / body fat
  • food calorie
  • water


So I’ve had the Fitbit Charge HR for a few weeks now, and one of the things I really love about it is that it’s on all the time.  Because it’s always on 24/7, everything counts.  You don’t have to go to the gym.  You could be doing yard work and that would count towards your daily exercise and calories burned.  I was doing some deck repair at my dad’s house, and I burned over 4000 calories that day.

fitbit app

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