Food Holidays

When I say food holidays, I’m talking about major stuff your face holidays, not obscure holidays like National Pie Day (1/23), not to be confused Pi Day (3/14).  No, I’m talking about the big ones that everybody celebrates and grocery stores devote entire isles and selves for.

January:  New Year

This is really more of an anti-food holiday.  It’s when a bunch of people make resolution to diet and exercise.  This will usually last for about a month, depending on the person, until they get back to their regular food scheduled.

Super Bowl

The first mini-holiday, not an official holiday, but definitely a major event.  Expect hot wings, pizza, chips, beer, and lots of junk food.

February:  Valentine

Flowers and candy.  Because that’s what true love is.  (read: CHOCOLATE!)

March:  St. Patrick

A time to celebrate beer and the color green.

April:  Easter

Chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs.

July:  4th

It’s summertime, and that’s means bbq season.  Bust out the grill.  This leads directly into football season which starts in the fall, and that means tailgate parties.  For my non-American readers, a tailgate the door on the back of a truck that folds down.  So a tailgate party is a cook out in the parking lot behind your vehicle before a football game.

October:  Halloween

600 million pounds of candy a year.  Halloween is not about wearing spooky and/or sexy costumes.  It’s about getting as much free candy as your possibly can from your neighbors.

November:  Thanksgiving

Aka Turkey Day.  Some people get the whole week off from work or school, so it ends up being like a whole week of feasting.  Then another week of eating leftovers.  Cold turkey!

December:  Christmas

Milk and cookies for Santa.  Holiday ham for dinner.


Then do it all over again.

Happy Food Holidays.

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