FREE: Sloss Furnaces



Another free attraction in Birmingham, AL is Sloss Furnaces, a civil war era iron refinery created by Colonel Sloss.  Now it’s an outdoor museum.

For a free self-guided tour, head inside to the front desk to pick up a brochure.  You can also watch a documentary about the history of Sloss in the theater room.

I think Sloss Furnaces has a certain kind of aesthetics that I really like.  It’s old and rusted.  Weather and corrosion has eaten away at the exterior, yet the structure remains.  The Decay gives it an eerie atmosphere and a sense of foreboding.  It almost has a post-apocalyptic feel to it.  The old burner in one of the sheds is so huge and imposing that it looks like it could be the backdrop of some kind of video game.


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