A Female Katydid Laying Her Eggs

I was outside digging some holes in the garden when a bug flew up and hit me in the chin.  I looked over and saw that it was a grasshopper.  I didn’t know grasshoppers could fly.  I didn’t even know grasshoppers had wings.  I went in to get closer look.  It didn’t run away so I moved in even closer.  It sat there for a few moments.  It didn’t move so I had enough time to run inside, go upstairs, grab my camera, and come back outside.  It was still in the same place.

I started taking a few pictures before it flew off and jumped into the bush.  I followed it there and start taking some more pictures.  It was climbing a leaf.  It looked like it was eating it except it didn’t.  It started doing this weird thing, which I don’t know what it is.  This thing came out of its thorax,  Maybe if someone out there knows what’s going on here, they could help me out, and tell me what’s going on here.  I would appreciate that.



Edit:  After searching around for a while on the internet, I was told that this is a female katydid laying her eggs.


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