Hiking Diamond Head

Before the Climb

Honey and Hot Sauce

fried chicken

I ate some chicken before getting ready to climb the mountain.  I got a spicy two-piece, rice and beans, and a biscuit.  I like to put hot sauce and honey on my fried chicken.  It makes it more flavorful.  Of course, if the store put it on the chicken for you, then it would make the chicken soggy, and that’s no good.  I want fried chicken to be crispy.  I usually go to the condiment station and grab a few packets of hot sauce and honey if they have it, but sometimes I have to ask the attendant behind the counter.  Then I’d drizzle a little bit on the chicken before taking a bite.  That’s how I like my chicken: hot, juicy, sweet, salty, spicy, and crispy.  You guys should try it sometime.

Inside the crater

The first thing you see after entering the park and driving through the tunnel is a big grassy area.  This is the inside of Diamond Head Crater.  Take a moment to walk around.  Pass the parking lot is the beginning of the trail to the top of the peak.  Most people are too eager to get to the top.  People don’t realize that they’re standing inside of a crater.  A volcano exploded and left a giant hole in the side of a mountain.  When you get to the top, look back down at where you were previously standing and appreciate the scale.

The Climb

The climb up is about three quarters of a mile.  It include trails, switchbacks, tunnels, and stairs.  Bring a bottle of water.

The Top

At the top, you can get a great view of Waikiki Beach and Honolulu City.


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