News: Heinz Sriracha Ketchup

In the news, Heinz release a sriracha flavored ketchup.  That’s right.  New heinz sriracha ketchup.  And before anyone declares this genius or the dumbest idea ever, I remember some economist somewhere did a study on why there were a million different flavors of mustard but only one flavor of ketchup.  Well ketchup is basically the regular-plan-vanilla version any tomato based condiment.  Add some seasoning, and it becomes cocktail sauce.  Add spices, and it becomes bbq sauce.  Add even more spice, and it becomes hot sauce.  So you see, there isn’t one flavor of ketchup.  Ketchup by definition is the non-flavor variation in a larger family of sauces.  Which brings us to our question.  Will combining two popular sauces make an even better sauce?

No, in fact, just take this heinz sriracha ketchup, mix it with some worchestershire sauce, and you basically have bbq sauce.  This flavor profile has been explored before.  It’s not new.  People like ketchup because it’s not spicy.  People smother their food in it.  They spray it everywhere.  Hot sauce is the opposite.  People will use one or two drops at a time.  This is a dumb move for Heinz because if they’re going to make a less spicy version of sriracha that people can spray like ketchup, they might as well just sell ketchup, which they already do.  On the other hand, this is a great money grab for Sriracha because they are basically watering down there product so they can sell more of it.  Genius.

heinz sriracha ketchup

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