Number One Thing to do in Paris, France

What is the number one thing to do in Paris, France?  It’s not what you think.

If you are ever on vacation in Paris, there is one thing you absolutely have to do.  And no, it is not go to the Eiffel Tower, or eat a crepe, or look at the Mona Lisa.  No, the one thing you have to do well in Paris is…  parkour!

If you have ever thought that the word parkour sounded a little French, it is because parkour was invented by a bunch of French dudes.  If you notice, in Paris most of the buildings are the same height.  This is because of an old height limit that used to exist.  That and the fact that the alleys are very narrow makes it perfect for rooftop running like in a movie “Yamakasi”.

So next time when you’re vacationing in the city of Light and you want to avoid the tourist traps, lace up your sneakers, hop a wall, and try your skill in this authentically French sport.

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