Organizing a Vex Robotics Team

Organizing a Vex Robotics Team



The main purpose of organizing a Vex Robotics team into different categories is to increase involvement.  Due to limited space and equipment, not everyone can work on the robot at the same time.  Of course everybody wants to build a robot.  That’s the fun part, but it is going to be difficult to fit all the students into a small workshop and have everybody crowd around the robot with one  screwdriver.  It is much better to have the students divided into smaller groups and have each group do a different task.  This way everybody can participate and do something productive.

In a typical situation, what usually happens is there are way too many people in the workshop.  One or two people are working on the robot, and everyone else just standing around and watching because they don’t have anything to do.  People normally respond to this by wanting to have smaller teams,. but this is not a good solution because it excludes people.  There are students who want to do robotics but can’t.

The solution is to divide a large club into smaller subgroups.  Not everybody has to be at the same place at the same time.  This clears up space constraints.  The build team can be in the workshop working on the robot while the programming group meets somewhere else and work on the code.  This also alleviates the problem of scheduling.  Each group can meet at a time that is best for them instead of having to find one time slot where everybody in the entire club is available.  The only major drawback of subdividing into smaller groups is that it requires more adults and leaders to be in charge of each group, but overall it allows more people to be active and involved rather than having to exclude people because of limitation in budget or space.


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