Oysters Rockefeller at Ruth’s Chris Steak House‎

There was a cool sea breeze that night, not wet and rainy like the night before.  The waiter walked over to the table holding a large rectangular plate over his shoulder.  He took a lighter out of his pocket, struck a light, and held it to the plate.  Flash.  The plate ignited into flames.  He laid the plate in the center of the table where are the blue and yellow flames flickered in the night air.  The shells crackled and sizzled in the heat on top of the salt bed.  Oysters Rockefeller.

The Oysters Rockefeller were pretty good.  It was probably my favorite dish of the night, not because it was so delicious, but because it was interesting.  It was more of a spectacle than anything else.  It was more of a show for your eyes than something delicious to put in your mouth.  In all honesty I couldn’t really taste the bacon.   The other side dishes were just ok.  We had shoestring potatoes, which were just french fries; au gratin, which is just cheesy potato; and broccoli, which is just regular broccoli.  I had the ribeye steak for the main course.  It was cooked correctly the way I ordered it, medium rare, but I thought it tasted too salty.  And I mean too salty.  Not just a little salty.  Too salty.  Not nice and salty.  Way too salty.  Maybe this could have been because I was scuba diving in the ocean the whole day and just happen to drink a lot of salt water, but I don’t think so because everything else tasted fine.

Overall, I cannnot recommend this place.  It is way too overpriced, and the food is not that great.  The waiter kind of messed up the order.  He had my steak prepared with no butter for some reason.  He did not bring out the mushrooms that I ordered.  He just confused things in general.  Also, my brother burnt himself on the plate more than once.  This was the chef’s fault for leaving the plates in the oven for way too long.


umami burger

Umami Burger

The night before I got this sandwich from Beachwalk Burgers.  It was called the Umami Burger.  It basically has anything that was fatty and salty in it.  It had mushrooms, cheese, bacon, and an egg.  It was salty, greasy, and delicious.


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