PC Build Jan 2016

My little brother was complaining that the video card on his computer was crashing.  My mom was going to buy him a new graphics card, but she kept upgrading until eventually she ordered a EVGA GeForce GTX 980.  This is where the problems begin.  When we took out the old video card and put in the new one, it didn’t work.  It did not boot up.  There was no menu, no error message, nothing, not even a blank screen.  The video card did not even turn on.  I could tell because the fans did not turn on, and the indicator LED was not on either.  My mom thought it was a defective video card and wanted to return it, but I wanted to make sure first.  So I took it out of my brother’s computer and plugged it into my computer, and it worked.  Everything was fine.

So we now know that the graphics card worked and the problem was that it was somehow incompatible with my brothers computer.  Just for a little bit background information, my brother’s computer is a Dell desktop PC that my mom bought from Costco.  I knew that there was going to be compatibility problems and issues with upgrading.  I suggested that maybe the problem was the power supply.  Maybe the power supply was not sufficient to run the new bigger video card.  So we went to the store and bought a 650 watt power supply.  That didn’t work either.

At this point we were left with the option of returning everything and buying a new computer, downgrading the graphics card to something that would be compatible, or building a new PC.  I didn’t want my mom to buy another computer from Costco and have this problem all over again.  I convinced her to let my brother build a new computer.  That way, in the future he can upgrade to whatever you want without having to buy a new computer every few years.  We were going to reuse the processor, hard drive, DVD player, and RAM.  The processor was an Intel i7 so it was still good.  The only thing we would have to buy is a motherboard and a case so my mom agreed.

My brother ended up choosing the NZXT 410 SD computer case it was $30 it cost $3 more than the 2:40 but he really wanted that one for the motherboard I choose the MSI crepe to match the color of the case.  When the parts arrived, I let my brother assemble the computer.  I showed him how to mount the motherboard onto the case, put the processor in the motherboard, and connect all the wires.  There was only one last hurdle.  I had to get a new product key for Windows because the old license was attached to the old motherboard and was not valid for the new hardware.

In the end, everything turned out well.  I taught my brother how to build a PC, and he now has an awesome computer with way more graphics than he would ever need.


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