Ramen and Fried Squid at the Royal Hawaiian Center

Next to my hotel where several malls and shopping areas.  Along the roads were all of the expensive designer boutiques, but there were several malls also.  One was the Galleria which was a three story shopping mall.  On the third floor was a duty free store, which sells expensive stuff, but the funny thing about the story was that the escalator to go up was on one side while the exit was on the other side.  You had to walk through this maze of perfume, jewelry, and cosmetics in order to get to the exit.

Another shopping center in the area was the Royal Hawaiian Center.  This was more of a normal shopping mall with individual shops, restaurants, and a food court.  This place was a lot less oppressive then the Galleria.  Everything was still expensive, but you could tell that they catered more to normal people rather than the super rich.

On days where I was at the hotel, I was able to get ramen and fried squid at the Royal Hawaiian Center.  I got the fried squid at the Curry Cafe, and I got wonton ramen at Ezogiku.  I wasn’t really impressed with the fried shrimp.  If you ordered the combo, they give you a side salad that you can make yourself, which is cool.  The rice wasn’t very good.  It was a little bit sticky like sushi rice.  I much prefer jasmine rice, which is a little bit fluffier and more fragrant.  The fried shrimp was good, but the sauce wasn’t that great.  The ramen was good, better than instant, but it wasn’t that great either.  They also had tempura and soba, which I also wanted to get but did not have time because I had to get on the plane, but I really wanted to try.  Back home, the only place you could get it was at an expensive sushi restaurant, and this was like a fast food version of that.


fried squid




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