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Body Fat Scale

eHealthSource GBF-1012 Digital Bathroom Scale, 440 Pound, Black

This is a body fat scale.  The scale measures body fat water weight muscle mass and bone density.  It uses electrical impedance analysis.  It has four electrodes on the top to measure your body fat.  The surface is made of glass.  It’s nice and shiny.  On the back is the unit button.  Use this to change the unit from kilograms to pounds.  It uses for AAA batteries.  The knubs on the back are where the weight sensors are located, so if you put the scale on something soft like carpet, it will not work.  You have to put the scale on a hard flat surface for to work properly.  The display lights up.  It’s blue and very bright.  You can program the scale for 8 people.  You can set the height, age, and gender for each person.  It has four settings: male, female, athletic male, and athletic female.


The thing that affects electrical impedance measurements most is hydration.  The time of day when you weigh yourself time today could affect your body fat percentage.  Whether you take this before or after a meal, whether it is before or after workout, and whether or not you drink a lot of water may all affect.

The scale uses a method to measure body fat called electrical impedance analysis.  It has 4 electrodes on the front which measures the current through your body.  So if your knees are touching that would affect measurement.  Also skin conductivity may affect the measurement, for example, if your feet are wet from getting out the shower . These are some of the factors that could affect the measurement and keep you from getting an accurate reading.

This scale measures accurately in the sense that if you step on it, take a measurement, get off of it, and get back on again, it will give you the same reading.  The measurement itself is accurate, but the testing condition could vary.  That would affect your measurement, and this inherent to electrical impedance body fat measuring devices and not just this specific scale.


I got this scale form amazon.  It was really cheap, only $20.  Don’t get this scale if you need super accurately measurements.  This applies the electrical impedance devices in general.  Go with calipers instead.  But if you just want a cool looking scale with a neat gimmick, this one is really affordable.

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