spicy macadamia nuts

Free samples of spicy macadamia nuts

Vendors had their booth set up around the plaza. I was checking them out because they were not there the night before. I saw one booth had glass jars of something as I drove by earlier that day. I wanted to find out what it was. As it turns out, they were selling pineapple juice. They were also selling fresh pineapple. They were giving away chunks as free samples.

By this time, other people have set up their booths as well. One guy was selling beef jerky. Another person was selling baked goods like muffins. One guy was selling roasted spicy macadamia nuts, and he had free samples. He had several bowls with different flavors in them.

Going back to the guy with the baked goods, I saw something I have never seen before. Wrapped in plastic was something that looked like spam sushi. It look like rice with a slice of cooked spam on top wrapped in seaweed paper. I wanted to to buy it but it was five dollars. Even though I had no interest in eating spam and rice, I was definitely curious.

coupon book

Pro Tip:  Get Coupons

If you visit the kiosk during the daytime, you can get a coupon book with discounts to several of the shops and restaurants in the area. Look for a guy behind a booth. He will have maps and little booklets that you can take for free. He can also tell you what the daily events are and how to get the best discounts. If you are lucky, there might be a free live performance or activity happening that day. Avoid the people standing in front hotels. They do have information about activities and places to eat, but they are really there to sell you timeshares. It is best just to stay away from them.

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