Vex Shopping List 2015

I volunteered to coach a middle school robotics team, so I have put together a short vex shopping list of the parts I am going to have to buy this year.   This is not the whole list.  This is just the essentials.  The robot has not been designed yet, but this is a list of some things that would be really useful to have.


batteryExtra batteries and new batteries because I don’t want to run a power.

cost:  $30

power expanderPower expander.  This allows me to connect two batteries to one robot.  The auxiliary battery can power up to four motors this gives my robot more power and battery life.

cost:  $50

lcd displayLCD display.  This allows the microcontroller to display information about itself.  The button on the display also allows me to interact with the robot when the remote is deactivated in cases such as before or after a match.  This is useful for selecting autonomous code before a match and for debugging after a match.

cost:  $50


integrated motor encoderIntegrated motor encoder.  This is superior to the old version of the shaft encoder for several reasons.  One, the encoder is mounted directly onto the back of the motor so it does not require any extra space or mounting hardware.  Two, because the encoder mounts directly into the motor itself, it has a higher tick per revolution count than if the encoder were mounted to the output shaft.  This means it is more accurate in measuring distance travel with a wheel.

cost:  $30  2-pack


line followerLine follower.  these are light sensors used to track the white tape on the field they must be mounted in the correct configuration and calibrated properly in order to function properly

cost:  $40

traction wheel4″ high traction wheels.  These are designed to drive on the foam mats that the vex field are made out of.  I also plan on using these for the ball shooter.

cost:  $13  tire 4-pack
cost:  $20  wheel 4-pack

aluminum partsAluminum parts.  A light robot is a fast robot.  Aluminum weighs less than steel but is also weaker.  I plan on using it to reduce weight and therefore also reduce stress on the motors.  Aluminum is more expensive and has a tendency to bend more easily than steel, so structural design consideration will need to be taken into account.

cost:  $30  variety pack


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