Vex Wiring

When wiring the electronics.  It is important to keep a wiring diagram.  This way, you know which motor plugs into which port.  I was at a recent robot competition where one of the students had a sudden loss of sanity and ripped out all of the wires.  I had to go to my car to get my laptop so I could look up the wiring configuration before I could plug the wires back into the right ports.

Protip:  Add a second battery to your robot with the power expander.

Increase the operation time of your robot by adding a second battery.  You can do this by using the power expander.  You can run up to four ports through the power expander.  The power expander will allow you to run those motors that you connect to it to run off of the secondary battery.


The LCD requires a serial Y cable, which is sold separately.   Yes, you need to buy one.  It is not included.  It’s an obvious money grab by Vex, but then again isn’t everything?  Now you know.


vex wiring



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