Visiting Wyoming

Garden Creek Falls

I was in Wyoming getting ready for the eclipse.  I went to the library to get information about events in schedule when I met a very friendly couple.  They told me about some free things to do while I was in Casper waiting for the eclipse.

One of the first things they mentioned was Bridle Trail at Rotary Park.  Rotary Park is a free park with hiking trails and a a nice little waterfall.  The distance to the waterfall is only a short walk from the entrance, but the steep climb in altitude might be a challenge for some people.  You can take a shower underneath the waterfall if you brought your swimsuit.

Next stop is Independence Rock.  Independence Rock is a big Granite landmark used by travelers on the Oregon Trail.  They would carve their name and date into the Rock in order to let their families know that they made it there safely.  It’s called Independence Rock because if you didn’t make it there by July 4th, you were going to freeze to death trying to cross the Rocky Mountains during the winter.

independence rock


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