Waikiki at Sunset

It wasn’t even dark yet and people are starting to crowd around the beach. The Sun was about to set at Waikiki Beach. The tourists are starting to come out of their hotels, walking along the sidewalk. Some people were sitting in the sand. Some were walking up and down along the water. A group of tourists gathered at the edge of the pier As ocean waves crash over their feet . On the right, the Sun glared and the sky started to change color. To the left, the top of Diamond Head began to glow orange. On the horizon cruise ships gathered. The scene became vivid and surreal, like a painting.

Not everyone was paying attention. So people were in the shops, looking at clothes. Some people were getting drinks by the bar. A kid was getting his picture taken with tropical birds. The Sun had not begun to set yet. Many people were there patiently waiting for that moment, but many just happened to be passing by.

A couple sat on the rocks by the edge of the water. They were alone surrounded by tourists. They shared a romantic moment together holding hands as they they stared off into the sunset and watched the simmering water. They looked deeply into each others eyes as they leaned in…

But not really. There were a bunch people everywhere. People were taking pictures with their tablets. Kids were running around screaming everywhere. Some people were having a barbecue while listening to reggae rap music. While others were playing some sort of weird sport light like mini tennis, floor ping pong. It was beautiful, but in the end, it was still a tourist trap.

waikiki at sunset

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