Waikiki Beach

We had a short break before picking up the scuba equipment.  I went over to McDonald’s to get a hamburger, and they gave me a free sandwich for no apparent reason.  Apparently, it was Big Mac Mondays.  If you buy a Big Mac they give you a free Big Mac.  Who knew?  Supposedly, there’s is something going on every day of the week, like Tuesday is Taco Tuesday at Dave & Buster’s.  Wednesday is wine Wednesday at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.  On Thursday, Wild Wing has wings for half price.  There is free fireworks on the beach on Friday.  Also, on the first Friday of every month is there is a block party in Chinatown where people come out at night, but you do have to bring your own beer.


harbor at waikiki beach


If you walk to the right (west) along Waikiki Beach, you will eventually get to this boat harbor.  Beyond this point is a pier and a park that you can walk out on and get a nice view.


diamond head from waikiki beach

Diamond Head

To the left of Waikiki Beach is Diamond Head.  If you walk left (east) for a little bit you can get an awesome view of the mountain.  This is also the area where you will find a lot of surfers the water is only three feet deep but the bottom is really rocky so you do not want to walk on it the waves here small so it’s good for beginners unlike the north shore which has very large waves and which can be dangerous for beginners on the days that I went there were not many ways but I did manage to catch about four and a half wave so I was pretty happy My arms are so sore afterwards

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