Will the Tesla Power Wall Explode?


Tesla has released a new home battery.  It is called the Power Wall.  The Tesla power wall is a lithium ion battery, according to the specifications listed on the official website.  Lithium ion batteries are the same kind of batteries used in laptops and cell phones, and we all know that lithium ion batteries have a history of exploding.  So the question is, will the Tesla power wall explode?  There have been many documented cases of laptop batteries catching on fire and cell phone batteries inflating and combusting.  They say that this is a smart battery, but what are the safety features?  There’s very little information available right now at so what kind of safety features this battery will have.  The specifications say that it uses a liquid thermal control, but we don’t know what that means or how it works yet.  What would happen if a vehicle crashes into the power wall? What if the house catches on fire?  What would happen to the battery?  So far there’s only been one or two incidents of Tesla cars catching on fire.  We will see how reliable the power wall really is.

video: cell phone battery exploding

video:  Tesla car fire


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