Witcher 3

This week I am playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.  It is a medieval-style fantasy role-playing game.  Unlike Skyrim or Dragon Age you don’t get to make your own character.  Instead you play as Garalt, a Witcher, which is  a sort of monster slayer for hire.  He carries two swords: a steel sword for fighting humanoids and a silver sword for killing monsters.  He has magic powers and he can drink potions which gives him special abilities.  Weapons and armors can be upgraded.  Items in the menu fit into slots.  You have unlimited slots, but you do have a weight limit.  So you can be over encumbered.  If you are carrying too many items, you will not be able to run or jump.


The map in this game is expensive.  The world is huge, and it is nice to fight monster out in the open instead of a claustrophobic cave all the time.


One of the unique feature of this game is the dynamic lighting.  It looks great.  You have the ability to turn lights on and off.  Of course this can get annoying when there’s a candle on top of a chest that you’re trying to loot.




And don’t forget about Gwent, a really interesting minigame, in the style of Magic the Gathering or Pokemon.  I thought it was a clever way to sneak concept art of the game into the game itself.  I had fun collecting the cards and looking at the artwork.


w3 items

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