World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta

I recently bought a new camera lens, so I decided to take it downtown for some test shots.  So if you don’t know what the World of Coca-Cola is, it is a Willy Wonka style museum that shows Coke products.

The World of Coca-Cola moved from its previous location in Underground Atlanta to its new place near Centennial Olympic Park, next to the Georgia Aquarium.  I haven’t seen the new place yet so I decided to check it out.

The first thing that is different is the huge Coca-Cola sign that used to be in front on the old place that spins and light up is gone.  It was moved to the back of this new build in a private are that you can’t get to, but you can still sort of see it from the outside while looking through a window while standing on sidewalk.  Disappointing.

In general, most of it is pretty lame.  After walking through the lobby, you enter a loading area.  A guy greets you and says some stuff about coke.  There are Coke decorations on the walls.

Where you get to look at this creepy looking urn.

After watching what felt like a ten minute commercial you enter the “vault” where the secret formula is kept.

It looks like the set of mission impossible.  What’s up with all the giant locks?

Anyhoo, inside you will find a bunch of bottles and pills and potions hinting towards coke mysterious pharmaceutical origins.

And here is the secret formula.  Or at least, a copy of an early prototype recipe.

In the other exhibits you and see the bottling process.  It looks like a factory.  There is a room showing the history of coke where you can see this car.

Upstairs you can see the “pop” art exhibit.  If you like American art about coke, they you can sit on this couch.  There is also a room where you can watch more Coke commercials.

Then there is the 4d theatre.  They give you these paper 3d glasses.
Me:  “Which way is the front?”
Attendant:  “Either way.”
Me:  “Right eye, left eye?”
Attendant :  “It doesn’t matter.”
Well that didn’t make any sense.
It was a pretty silly movie.  Some girl tries to help this dude try to find the secret Coke formula.  It was in the style of Doctor Who and Back to the Future where the travel via a vending machine.  The special effects were cool, but the tone was super patronizing.

Finally, the best part and the reason you came here, the tasting room.  Drink all the soda you want with over 100 different flavors from around the world.  I didn’t really count, but the sign said over 100, and I believe them.

Out the way out they give a free collectible Coke bottle.  These are the same ones you saw being bottled in the museum.

Then you go into the gift shop where you can buy even more Coke products.

Here is what that collectible bottle looks like.

Final Thoughts:

Go straight to the tasting room.  Bring a salty snack, and drink all the Cokes from around the world.  It’s what you came here for.

All pictures were taken with a Nikon D3100 using a Nikon 40mm Micro Lens.  See the full review here.

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